Auto Relief Group was founded to help customers deal with their auto loan payments in time of need. Over the years each member of our teams has developed a stellar reputation, and industry connections, allowing us to quickly identify opportunities and act to assist our clients in their efforts to reduce their payment and keep their car, SUV or truck.

We provide our clients with customized reports, expert advice and negotiation assistance when modifying their car loans. We are a world-class service organization that never loses sight that our clients come first. We take pride in building long lasting relationships by offering superior service that is based on wisdom, fairness, openness, guidance and trust.

Our mission..

We strive to provide Americans with expert advice, knowledgeable service and competent representation aimed at helping them negotiate improved terms for their auto loan, allowing them to protect ownership and avoid furthe economic hardship.

Physical Address:

…….Auto Relief Group II LLC

…….200 S Andrews Ave

…….Suite 11000

…….Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

…….Call us….. (877) 842-7667