The numerous recalls by Toyota have forced the United States Government to devise new auto safety laws to regulate the problems associated with these recalls. It aims to bring some impacting changes into the whole recall process. This would legally require all vehicles sold in the United States to be equipped with brake override systems. Brake override would assist drivers in countering the effects of unintended acceleration thus reducing accidents.

There have been over 6000 complaints registered against Toyota related to sudden acceleration over the last decade. These complaints also include statistics of more than 80 loss of human live. The new auto safety law has placed consumer safety the utmost priority and all measures are being taken to reduce the number of accidents.

The United States Government is planning to make it mandatory for all cars to have black boxes to record crash information. This installation would help in extracting relevant car accident data. However, experts are debating over the violation of privacy if black boxes are placed inside the cars. Anyhow, the new auto safety laws ultimate objective is to stiffen potential penalties against automakers. This will give the government more powers to demand a recall and push the car companies to meet new safety standards.

It seems the efforts to reduce accidents caused due substandard cars, will increase the budget of the U.S. Government. Now, we have to wait and watch how viable these new rules are if they are implemented.

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