President Obama is taking serious steps to protect the consumers/ car buyers against financial fraud and abuse. Strict regulations will be imposed which will hamper the financial business of car/ auto dealers.

Auto dealers argue that they are mere intermediaries for financial institutions and banks that ultimately provide loans to auto buyers. The financial regulation by Obama is highly opposed by almost 18,000 car dealers.  The more regulations added for auto/ car dealers will burden the consumers as their expenses will show a steep increase.

Borrowers are usually not aware of the hidden fees, some confusing terms and conditions and expensive add-ons to the contract which adds to the expenses account of the borrower. The regulations will protect consumers against exploitation.

If a consumer is already facing problems in making payments for their auto loan, they can go for an auto loan modification procedure. It takes only 3-5 weeks to lower the payment up to 50%. Auto Relief Group is a company that provides excellent modification services.                                                  Bookmark  and Share