Lately the auto makers started recalling their cars long time after its sales, inviting auto-safety bill which will be placed and debated. The reoccurring defaults in many cars resulted in accidents which were identified in specific models. Post accidents automakers reviewed the cars systems like braking, accelerator etc. and later jumped in damage control mode.

These incidents were rising and could not be ignored by government and other concerned bodies. Under bill written by Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.), the NHTSA administrator states that U.S. car regulators will get the authority to recall when an “imminent hazard” is recognized.

NHTSA chief David Strickland said Thursday that the “imminent hazard” authority would give his agency the same powers as other consumer-protection agencies. Speaking before a House Energy and Commerce Committee panel, he said he supported the provision and any other that is designed to allow regulators “to take risks off the road as quickly as we can.”

Rep. Waxman´s bill will require “black box” which will record the crash data and brake-override systems similar to be found in aero planes. However, this system addition would elevate the cost and raise costumer privacy issues.

What is left red faced – is obviously the car industry. “It is not clear to the alliance why auto manufacturers should be singled out for disproportionate penalties relative to other consumer products manufacturers,” wrote Mr. McCurdy, whose group includes General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Group LLC and Toyota.

Let’s wait and watch the arguments put forward by the two sides. It would be effective if car manufacturers realize their defects on time and that government does not impose any harsh rule which car makers can bear.

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