In the light of incapability to payoff heavy loan payments, when your finances are depleting, there is Auto Relief Group – serving many to make life stress free. It is never too early to start your modification process. Unlike home loans, obtaining a new car loan may be very challenging after a repossession, which stays on your credit report for a minimum of seven years.

The first step is to obtain options report which is similar to “Appraisal Report”. After the options report is delivered, you should review the check list; make copies of the documents, sign date and package up in the pre paid addressed envelope to your lender.

Moving to the 3rd step, if your lender does not support you, we will offer service to purchase of our Options Report that empowers our financial consultants to contact the lender on your behalf and negotiate a desirable loan modification.

Auto loan contracts are much simpler and require few if any additional filings, taxes, stamps or use of 3rd party providers or title insurers. If you choose to engage ARG for the negotiation process and you accept the modified terms, the last step will consist simply of you signing the documents.

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