Toyota has the most luxurious SUVs like Highlander, FJ Cruiser, Land cruiser, etc. and exciting cars like Camry and Avalon. It has also initiated and is concentrating in expanding hybrid car market. It has not only catered to the hungry authentic car market but has also filled numerous aspirations, quite apt to its motto of “moving forward”. We don’t wonder how it has been able to grab the American share market for so long.

Recently Toyota had reported its notable first quarter sales. “Toyota’s strong sales performance in March reflects our customers’ continued confidence in the safety and reliability of our vehicles and their trust in the brand,” said Don Esmond, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Although, it seems like everything is not going that easily for Toyota Company. It is facing a lot of heat and criticism for its car roll backs, facing technical discrepancies in some models. In fact to handle this quality issue, Toyota’s North American Quality Advisory Panel has appointed six committee members to focus on all quality issues. It’s more of accountability on part of Toyota to sustain its brand name in such a competitive market.

According to Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 survey Toyota fell by 27 per cent in the survey, but still recorded strong number at$21.77 billion. On the other side BMW fell 9 percent to be at $21.82 billion but is at the top followed by Toyota ($21.77 billion), Honda ($14.30 billion) and Mercedes-Benz ($13.74 billion).

Looking at the survey and the recent happenings in Toyota’s vicinity – quite reveals the fact that its brand has been affected by repeated recalls of its vehicles.

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