Tata group chairman Ratan N Tata made news across car markets globally, after it declared its ambitious vision to manufacture car at a price as low as USD 2,500. The dream of Tata group was to provide purchasing power to common man, and called it as “people’s car”.

From ambitious plans to competition, Renault and Nissan are developing an ultra low cost vehicle with the Bajaj group in India. The cost of this car is supposed to give fight to Nano; however the project is postponed to 2012.

From the big win of small cars in India, now U.S. gears up for the most anticipated B- segment car, Ford Fiesta.
Ford says the Fiesta has 15 features not found on any other car in its class, including exceptional quietness which equates to quality,” says Davis, so Ford´s engineers have paid special attention to make this car a quiet cocoon, adding an acoustic laminated windshield and noise-deadening insulation in the roof liner, doors and pillars.

However, the biggest advantage of Fiesta assures over its competitors is its driving dynamics. Fiesta has ruled the UK market and is seen to create ripples in US market too but considering the high pricing for Ford brand; it keeps its fingers crossed for now.

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