This year, automobile market is in favor of buyers. Automakers are trying hard and spending high on promotions to increase auto sales in U.S. There were several offers, discounts, free maintenance, etc for buyers benefit.

All these promotional activities are the after-effect of the recall phase of Toyota cars. Toyota has suffered huge losses due to the customer complaints regarding braking system and other defects. They had to plan some marketing activities to boost their sales; hence they decided to promote their sales by offering attractive financial deals, zero percent interest on recalled cars, discounts and free maintenance of cars to bring back their lost reputation.

All other competitors followed the steps of Toyota and announced many offers to attract buyers. They gave cash-back offers as an incentive to their customers. The trend of increased sales of automobiles continued in April too. It is a steep growth which is predicted by analysts. With this trend, we can expect the auto industry to revive sooner than expected.

Even auto parts manufactures have made a come back. Companies who had announced bankruptcy have revived and are ready to compete in the market. They have repaid all the loans they had taken from government.

All the above study proves the complete revival of automobile industry. The situation last year was awful when auto makers were desperate to sell off their vehicles. Hope the auto makers get more number of customers in the next few months too as it has happened in the past two months.

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