The concept of hybrid vehicle was introduced with the aim of getting more mileage with high fuel efficiency and less pollution. But what is a hybrid vehicle and how does it work? Many years back there was an example of hybrid vehicle; yes it’s a moped (motorized pedal bike) which combines the energy of gasoline engine and the power of pedal by the riders. When a vehicle combines together two or more sources to carry forward in motion a vehicle, directly or indirectly can be called as hybrid.

It’s exciting to hear and know that hybrids can actually emit less pollution and give you those 20-30 miles extra for less fuel consumption. However, to purchase a hybrid could be quite a dream for many people. Also, what if, some car manufacturers can just fool customers about the technology.

What’s going on here? Are car manufacturers perpetrating a scam on unsuspecting consumers? Not quite, car experts say. Any car maker has to balance fuel efficiency with performance, said Bob Kurilko of car-shopping site For example, the hybrid Accord gets a combined 32 mpg, compared to the regular Accord’s 24. But it also costs $3,300 more.

Apart from the cost it’s difficult to know how these so called hybrids offer substantial difference in mileage. Considering that hybrid car works but also understanding the high cost of owning one.

That’s largely because hybrids are still a bit of a novelty act. As more models are introduced in coming years and competition heats up, at least some of that premium for hybrid technology should evaporate, predicted auto writer Terry Kosdrosky of Crain’s Detroit Business.

The cost of these hybrids won’t come down drastically but it won’t be that affordable either.

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