It was due to recession, when Federal Reserve had lowered interest rates to help borrowers pay back their debts at low cost. However, with the improvement in economy, the lending rates are expected to increase. The cost of borrowing was quite low for the past many months due to the adverse effects of recession on American’s life.

Auto loans in March averaged about 4.4%, which was much lower than the 7.3% average back in March 2007, according to, an automotive website. The lending rates will remain low for a quite a while as demand for auto loans is much lower than its supply. However, the interest rates will not remain low forever. It will increase with the improvement in market.

“When recession was at its peak, it was easier for us to negotiate loan terms with banks and other financial institutions/ lenders”. “It was easier to convince them that people are unable to pay their installments/ EMIs due to loss of job, income cuts, etc. However, with the rise in economy, people are getting their jobs back and banks can be rigid in changes the terms of loans. Hence, I advise to the people who require loan modification services to hurry up and sign up instantly for modification service. Recession recovery will take this full year.

Lenders hate wasting more time and money on “bad” deals and prefer to get constructive proposals that make sense. Hence, negotiation and renegotiation becomes easier, especially at times of recession. We understand the things people have been through during this difficult phase of recession hit economy. This is the reason why we commit ourselves to provide the best deal for you by lowering your monthly auto payments.

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