Recently there was an article about the doc fees which dealers get while they sell a car to the customer. There have been many comments about this fees which the dealers receive. Though the fees could be as low as $50 the dealers hardly accepts to budge and will refuse to reduce that amount in the purchase.

A Documentation fee is normally the cost that a dealer will put on the customer for all the paper work they do like title, registration and other process which some may inform as processing fee too. The cost of the doc fee changes with dealer to dealer depending upon the state of operation, profit expectation, the bureaucrats who work in the registration office and the customer even.

“Once there was a case when a customer defended himself saying that he has enquired before about the doc & processing fee previously, but now another dealer was telling there a difference of around $50. But the thing what he did is he asked in Alaska and California. Obviously there will be a difference, isn’t it? So it depends on the taxation policy of the state or the state’s standard fees if incase it has such.

Some dealers use this as an extra profit even. So better check your local state law and is good to double check the final paper work for any seemingly “questionable” fee or an additional fee.

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