It is a general philosophy, people say to don’t lie, don’t over exaggerate, don’t suspect each and every move others as if they are going to trap you.

“It could sound like a philosophy class”,  “but some time, it is good to follow those old philosophies. As a first philosophy, never lie about your income or credit (payable bills). We are in America & not in some third world; it is easy to run through your credit report to verify them. Next, don’t expect an unreasonable offer price from the dealer; we should understand that the dealers are into business and not into charity. Similarly don’t go for ultra low cost APR, when it comes to low rebate, the maximum chance is you will get either of it and not the both. Understand their cost too!

Don’t give wrong facts about your car’s cost while trade-in for two reasons; one you wouldn’t prefer if the same thing happens to you, and the second is you can’t expect the same from the dealer too. Credit history is on which easily the dealer can verify, so it is not good to waste the dealer’s or the salesperson’s time when you have a recent bankruptcy. It is not easy to avail an auto loan approval if you got a recent bankruptcy. So, it’s better to be honest. One more point, never complaint about the car after purchasing the loan. Always do your research (completely) before deciding the car you want to buy.

Some times philosophies can take us from confusion and helps people who are in need. This would be good for car buyers and to the people who think of purchasing a car in few days from now.

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