When a person thinks of buying a car, the first thing they consider is about the price of the car, and then the make, the brand, the specs and then goes on to the dream about the time they spend with their dates! But, not the most important thing they should know.

Most of our people know about their blood group, blood pressure and cholesterol level, though it is good news! But, only a very few people know their own credit score! And this is not a good news. It could be a good news for credit consultant like us, but it is not good for the general public and the real and biggest “beneficiary” would be the lender who claims higher interest from the consumers.

Credit score is the most vital thing that one should know when they think of purchasing a car. And it not just for the cars, but for purchasing every property, which involves installment and interest rates, because, it “CONTROLS the interest rate DIRECTLY” that they are going to pay on their loan.

The other mistake or a sequel of the previous mistake is that they go to the dealer directly without knowing their credit report and give them their checkbook even. A car dealer should never know more about your credit & credit history or any of your property details than you. It should be only you and not other should know about your personal property details.

“However there is one good thing about this recent recession is that it has created some awareness to many of our people that there is something called as Credit Score and is very important to purchase a loan. But it is always better to check and maintain the level of your credit score and avoid credit consultants like us. Else…”.

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