Whenever people think of buying a car (whether they have sufficient fund or not) the first question they get is, “is it the right time to buy the car”, “when is the best time to buy a car”. There is no reason to consider them as wrong. He argues even the people who laugh at this will ask the same when they think of buying a car.

“We have seen number of customers asking us the same question whenever they come to us for consultation. Normally, people consider that the end of financial year is the best time to buy. We believe there are two “good time” to purchase. However, they are not completely wrong, it is better to buy a car in the month of July than in the September end. The reason is as you guess, to show the revenue in the financial records.

The second good time is of course the eve when whole of the America purchases, the time when every company across the class, industry, geography announces the discounts. The reason again is a simple logic. It is the time everybody spend money, because everybody “have” money. So the auto dealers and lender try to use this opportunity. The dealers, to motivate the sale cuts the price to break the year end sales records.

In the past fifteen year we have witnessed several such kinds of offers, there is a chance to even save $5000 (BMW did once, some 5 years before). So, time your purchase and more importantly plan and keep your financial record in your favor and never let the dealers and lenders take upper position because of your financial records.

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