Right from 2007 there has been a rise in automobile leasing. But, this year analysts predict that there will be on upswing and will continue to rebound.

Financial report of GMAC Financial services will show that the leasing has increased these years. Recently, GMAC informed that it expects leasing may double in 2010.

Many financial institutions like GMAC has pulled back leasing in the late 2008 & halted it in 2009 as they suffered losses through steep depreciation, which affected the resale value & high loan defaults along with scarce funding. But, the things were changing latter in 2009 as there was shortage in the used cars and trucks last year. This industry wide shortage lifted the resale value of the vehicles coming of lease, which in-turn attracted the auto dealers and financial institutions to get back to leasing.

Though the auto companies are struggling, leasing will make up to 18% of the retail\consumer sales this year which is 14% higher than last year and 15% higher than 2008. This is evident as 21% of the retails sales inn January 2010 were through leasing. There could be a chance were 1/4th of retail sale may occur through leasing in any of the seasons this year.

Whether it is leasing, loan or single time cash payment when ever there is an increase in the sales of real estate and automobile it gives a good sign that the nation is going towards a positive economic growth.

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