Automobile industry is not like what it was in its initial period. Like other commodities, the prices are fluctuating every now and then. Of course, the price doesn’t just depend on the auto manufacturers but number of other industries like energy, oil, steel, rubber, banking & infrastructure. But, do these excuses satisfy an average American? The answer is almost negative!

The factors that annoy the customers after purchasing a car or any automobile. When the price of the car is decreased comparing the price at which the customer bought it – this tops the list than any other factor! When the vehicle got damages prior to the purchase, which are undisclosed. When the customer discovers that he has to pay additional for few items which he considers as inclusive. When the customer has to pay more than what he has agreed on the contract.

When the customer identifies that his Financing & Insurance were sold at higher than market price. If the dealer raise the car’s price from the contract just to cover up their (negative equity) bottom line on the trade in the dealers will never be forgiven by the customers.

There could be number of other reasons for a customer to get annoyed with the dealers, but it is important for the dealers to understand about the customers. Because, not all the customers raise their voice about their dissatisfaction. Majority of the people will note it as a bad experience and will never consider that dealer again & only very few let their dealers know.

The dealers are the touch points or point of contact for the customers, no matter how much the auto company is good in other factors.

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