This summer starts with a wealthy shine. The American Economy started shining from more than a year long “Cold” days. The cold was bitter; it has made many American’s life hard. The slow down, bad debt, credit crunch, down sizing, job loss, bankruptcies hit Americans of every level, major share holders to small level consumer. But now average Joe can get his smile back! It seems, Mr. Obama’s relief measures are paying now.

“Automobile & real estate are the two industrial sectors which will show how the economy is moving. Though people say Wall Street is the economy indicator, these two sectors are the indicators for the Wall Street.

This is a simple logic, because these two sectors relates with important industrial sectors like steel, cement, metals, plastics, oil, energy, logistics, infrastructure, InfoTech etc., with finance, banking and insurance in every step and every division.

The number of direct and indirect employment these industries generates will be of an incredible size. These people are the real reason for the economy to run. They will be in some part be a contributor who made it happen and at the same time will be consuming its benefit. At times, they may not be aware of this fact even. This is the strength of these two sectors.”

This is a very good sign for the economy. When the sales of automobile and realty increases it shows that mindset or sentiment of the people changes. This change is good. This is the right time for the lenders, dealers, banks and other financial institution to fuel this mindset and create confidence in people.

Normally when summer is heavy drought occurs, but this summer seems to end the drought suffered by the American for a year.

“This summer will be warm”.

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