According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) American households are trying to save more by cutting down their spending in reaction to the global financial crisis. IMF says that on an average people are trying to save 5-6% of their disposable income. With the threat of job cuts, salary cuts, etc. Americans are trying to compromise on their other low priority expenses. They compromise on their car loan interest payments to make timely payment for their home mortgages. This is leading many banks and financial institutions to repossess their cars due to non-payment of interest amount.

“Having a personal car has become a basic necessity in today’s fast life. We have to go to office on time, attend meetings, drop our children to their school, and so many other things. It is impossible to imagine our lives without our car. On the other hand, with this economic downturn, job loss, less disposable income, and so many other barriers it becomes very difficult to make those monthly payments of your auto loan. We understand your situation and hence provide loan modification services for those who either do no have money to pay their monthly auto loan payments or are paying much more than it is worth it. Auto Relief Group helps you with negotiating loan amounts, interest rates and term extensions.

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