Thousands of people are suffering from foreclosures and repossessions due to the sub-prime loan crisis in the market. People who had a low FICO/ credit score had an opportunity to buy their own cars, automobiles, etc by obtaining a sub-prime loan. Though they had to pay a higher interest amount, they didn’t mind as they were able to own whatever they want to. Due to the economic condition, people are stuck up with so many necessary expenses that they are unable to pay their house and auto loan payments on time. Thus, going for a loan modification can help the economy recover and also reduce payments for borrowers to make payments on time.

“Just imagine how uncomfortable you would feel when you will not have your car? How will you reach office on time? How will you drop your children to their school? Will you be able to take your wife shopping? I am sure no one would want to face such a situation in their entire lifetime. Hence, I am glad to say that we provide loan modification services for your automobiles at Auto Relief Group. It will help you avoid repossession against a very small fees charged. The entire process will not take more than 3-5 weeks and we will provide you the forecasted depreciated value of your car for the next 12, 24 and 36 months based on actual market dynamics”

Auto Relief Group helps in restructuring your loan by renegotiating loan amounts, interest rates, term extension, etc. After this step comes the actual closing and execution of modified loan payments. Auto loan contracts are much simpler and require few if any additional filings, taxes, stamps or use of 3rd party providers or title insurers. After you have accepted the modified terms, we will use a Mobile Notary service which will meet you at your home or work and notarize your new loan docs, effectively concluding the process.

Therefore, if avoiding repossession requires just a few dollars then who would not mind paying that and keeping their car with them. Auto loan modification can save us from sub-prime crisis, repossession and high monthly payments.

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