One best thing about Americans is that they always look for the advanced features in everything. And that is what still makes America the number one nation in the world. This has really brought so many inventions, innovations, mind blowing gadgets, High speed cars, comfortable apartments and advanced features in your automobiles. However, as advanced products come in market, the value of existing (old) products depreciates over time. The situation becomes worse when you have a huge loan to repay for the product whose value has been depreciated now. Are we really spending $1000 for a $1000 product? (It is most important question) Is it really going to be a $1000 product for me after I buy?

Robert Kiyoski, in one of his books says, when you purchase a car, the price of the car drops almost 25% the moment when you drive it on the road. The car now bears a tag “Used Car”. The more you use, faster it become old. Older the car is, higher is the depreciation. Higher the depreciation is, lower is the value of the car. So, by the end of a year or two your automobiles worth will be less than three-fourth of its original value. If this is the case, shouldn’t we purchase a car? Of course, we should, but we should be careful in how we are paying them back.

A car has become an integral part of an American’s daily life. Since most of us purchase through auto loan, we are liable to pay the Bank or the money lender. From the words of Robert, what a middle class considered as an asset is actually a liability for him. In this dull economy the situation is much worse. So the best advice would be to plan our EMI.

Financial stability is important and our automobile should not add an extra pressure to it. When situation has a chance to go tough (or even in a high debt pressure) a loan modification plan would save an individual from filing a bankruptcy, Auto Relief Group supports the idea of Robert. Auto loan modification helps an automobile owner not just in modifying his existing loan, but also helps in avoiding repossession.

It is obvious that the value of our car drops, but we will be paying for the full amount as agreed between us and the money lender while we purchased. However, we can reduce the debt pressure by modifying the loan.

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